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Blue Dogs traverse America's National Parks

Blue Dogs traverse

America's National Parks

Rumsey Hall students are not confined to traditional classroom learning; they immerse themselves in real-world experiences through programs like the Grand Classroom. Recently, 20 upper school students embarked on a seven-day adventure to explore some of America's most iconic national parks, including Zion, Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. This journey wasn't just about sightseeing; it was a deep dive into understanding our connection with nature and the environmental and historical impact we have on it. From hiking and boating to climbing and dune sledding, the students engaged in a variety of activities that not only challenged them physically but also provided unforgettable moments, like dining under the stars on the high plains. Aligned with Rumsey's commitment to leadership, experiential, and outdoor education, this trip offered invaluable lessons and memories.

Grand Classroom, founded in 2002, shares Rumsey's dedication to environmental education, making it a perfect partnership. For those interested in joining future adventures, more information can be found at

03.11.24. - Grand Classroom